Geos Marches for Science in DC

On April 22, nine Williams Geoscience students, led by Prof. Ronadh Cox joined the March for Science in Washington D.C. The march was intended to bring awareness to the role that science plays in everyday life and to voice support for evidence-based public policy; it was timed to coincide with Earth Day. Prof. Cox’s husband, Smith College geoscientist and Williams Research Associate Dr. Mark Brandriss and their son Owen Brandriss also joined the group. Most of the student participants were enrolled in GEOS 108, Prof. Cox’s “Observing Writing” course.

In addition to marching, the group also had dinner with experts and policy-makers: Rafe Pomerance, Director of Arcitc 21 and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Environment and Development, Peter Brandriss, Operations Analyst at the World Bank (and brother of Mark Brandriss), and Elizabeth Eide, Director of the Board on Earth Sciences and Resources, National Academy of Sciences. The photos below were taken at the event: