Nakita VanBiene '15 co-organizes "I, too, am Williams" photo campaign

Working with Susie Paul ’16, geosciences major Nakita VanBiene ’15 has organized a photo campaign dubbed “I, too, am Williams.” Modeled after similar campaigns at Harvard and Oxford, the project reflects VanBiene’s interests in public education and social justice issues. When asked to say a few words about the project, Nakita wrote:

“In light of recent events on campus, including the appointment of Michael Bloomberg as the class of 2014’s commencement speaker, many Williams students have felt blatantly victimized, dismissed, or ignored by the administration and their fellow Ephs. Because of this, there have been numerous public and private conversations about Williams’ role in overtly and subtly silencing, erasing, and minimizing minority voices and experiences on campus. A friend and I started the “I, too, am Williams” photo campaign (inspired by, and in solidarity with, the “I, too, am Harvard” and “I, too, am Oxford” versions) to give a voice to the students, faculty, and staff who have been made to feel Othered in their daily lives here at Williams. We hope this project will help marginalized members of the Williams community stand up and speak back, share their daily experiences, and reclaim Williams as theirs. We, too, are Williams.”


More images from the project can be seen here.