Science quad maple preservation enters its final phase!

A nearly two-year project to preserve slabs from Williams’ beloved science quad maple has entered its final phase. The slabs were salvaged and preserved after the tree had to be taken down in 2015. In early 2017, local woodworker Lou Zelazo took the slabs to his workshop for finishing. The larger of the two, pictured below, has been planed and smoothed. It will soon be stained and mounted to a sturdy plywood backing for display. The smaller slab will receive similar treatment. We are looking forward to having the cookies on display and ready for use in teaching labs shortly!

From left, Hopkins Memorial Forest manager Drew Jones, woodworker Lou Zelazo, Environmental Studies tech Jay Racela and Geosciences professor David Dethier inspect the larger of two maple slabs preserved from the old science quad maple. 

The planed and smoothed surface of the larger cookie reveals the tree’s intricate growth patterns – thanks to Lou’s amazing handiwork!