Clark Hall

Clark HallGeosciences courses are taught in our building, Clark Hall. The main lecture hall and one of the seminar rooms are digital classrooms, with multi-media presentation capability. Clark Hall also has a 9-station Mac/PC computer lab with printer, scanner, and a full range of statistical, graphics, and multi-media processing software. Sample preparation facilities include rock slabbing and crushing equipment and a fully-equipped mineral separation laboratory. Two large wave tanks and a unidirectional flow flume illustrate sediment dynamics. Clark Hall is also the home of our extensive fossil and mineral collections, and the Geosciences lounge.

Williams College Science Center

The unified Science Center, completed in 2000, is across the quad from Clark Hall. It houses individual faculty members’ labs, and analytical instruments, including:

  • Computerized ion chromatograph
  • Atomic absorption spectrometer
  • Coulter counter multisizer
  • Photomicroscopy facilities
  • Scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive spectrometer
  • X-ray diffraction and vacuum spectrograph units

Schow Science Library and GIS/Remote Sensing Lab

The Schow Science Library and GIS/Remote Sensing Lab are available for student and faculty research, as well as classroom space:

Schow Atrium

  • Extensive geoscience journal and book resources
  • Map Library
  • Two teaching classrooms with advanced data projection systems
  • GIS/Remote Sensing Lab includes 14 Windows NT machines equipped with Pathfinder Office, Arcview/info GIS, and ENVI, as well as traditional desktop software
  • Large format scanner and printers