Senior Thesis Information

Senior thesis and the degree with honors

In order to be recommended for the degree with honors, a student is expected to have completed at least two semesters and a winter study project (031) of independent research culminating in a thesis that demonstrates outstanding achievement of an original and innovative nature. The principal considerations in admitting a student to a program of independent research are mastery of fundamental material and skills, ability to pursue independent study successfully, and demonstrated student interest and motivation.

Further advice on the major can be obtained from the department chair.

Current student theses

Sarah Rowe
Assessing Relationships Between Tree Growth and Climate in the Hopkins Forest

Miranda Bona
Evolution and Distribution of Permeability in a Complete Section of Upper Oceanic Crust: IODP Hole 1256D

Claudia Corona
Geochemical Response of Two Adjacent Alpine Streams, Green Lakes Valley,
in a Low-Snow Year

Leaf Elliott
Storm Wave Emplacement of Boulder Ridges in County Mayo, Ireland

Johnny Ray Hinojosa
Geochemistry and Geothermobarometry of Alkaline Volcanic Rocks of the Late Tertiary Powder River Volcanic Field

Gabe Lewis
Using Geophysical Techniques in The Critical Zone to Determine the Presence of Permafrost

Ian Nesbitt
Snowmelt Hydrology of a Glacial/Periglacial Alpine Landscape:  Investigating the “Losing Stream” Phenomenon